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    Get some more info from the Virus Alert


      We're getting from ePO 4.0 Virus Alerts by mail, for example:

      ePolicy Orchestrator Notification Rule: Virus detected
      Rule Defined At: Eigene Organisation
      Description: Notifications sends an e-mail message when "Virus Detected and Not Removed" events are received.

      Number of events: 1
      Source computer IP addresses: Not Available
      Actual threat names: W32/Virut!htm
      Actual products: VirusScan

      For additional information, see the Notification Log in the ePolicy Orchestrator console.

      It seems the Virus was detected, but not removed.

      Howto configure ePO 4.0 to get some more information by mail?
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          My computer had McAfee antivirus installed. My daughter used it this year at university. Sometime during the year it stopped updating Mcafee. Browser freezing up and/or refusing to go to sites including Mcafee. In order to get some sort of ant-virus relief I unloaded then loaded Mcafee. Told to restart computer. Same message. Unloaded Mcafee and loaded MalwareBytes, ESET, and Symantec at different times. Deleted Malware. Now just Symantec trial offer loaded. All Internet sites work fine now but browser refuses to go to Mcafee. Why? I'd like to reload my Mcafee but it refuses to go to Mcafee site and gives error message. Am I stuck with Symantec?
          • 2. RE: Browser Refuses to Visit Mcafee

            You really should have started another thread for this as it has nothing to do with the original post.
            • 3. Apology
              My apology for interfering with your thread. Perhaps McAfee could make their fora and communication with their customers more user friendly. I've now given up on them. You can't reach them for as simple a question as why should I continue to use their product when someone is obviously sabotaging it?
              • 4. RE: Apology
                what about my original question?

                knows someone howto configure ePO 4.0 to get some more information by mail?
                • 5. RE: Apology
                  add some fields to the notification rule you have setup in epo

                  notification rules
                  edit the one you want
                  add in additional fields you require