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    Motion J3500 tablet

      I am using EEPC

      I need to know how to enable the onscreen keyboard on a Motion J3500 tablet so that the users can use the on screen keyboard to logon to McAfee with out any other devices?

      Please dont waste my time and yours by giving me a link to a previous post. I have read them and they do not explain how to do this in detail.


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          which part of the process do you need more detail on?

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            What exactly do I do first? Access the BIOS and enable the keyboard?

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              No you need to create the ini file as per the instructions in the other thread and deploy it to your machines? The BIOS has very little to do with the process.

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                How do you create an ini file? What do I put in it, just the few numbers that they have in the instructions? Do you see the lack of info in the previous steps yet?

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                  I think it would be best if you get your IT team / EEPC Administrator involved here, because (and I mean this with respect), if you don't know how to create an .ini file, then I worry that you may get into even more trouble than you are now.

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                    I am the McAfee Administrator for our region. All you have to do is simply tell me what to do. If you cannot or will not help just say so. I am used to not getting much help from the McAfee community with any of our problems, no offense to you. There is very little online help compared to other applications like Symantec.

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                      it's not that I don't want to help - have you really never used Notepad to edit or create an INI file though?


                      The steps are pretty easy -


                      1. create the file as in the other article, use the numbers there, or the ones from device manager

                      2. use the file deployment system in EEM to push that file out to your clients, set the path to be the one in the other article. (make sure you tick the right OS choices etc).


                      its all pretty standard EEM stuff?


                      Why don't you just get your Platinum Support person to help you through this?


                      (The "other article" is at Motion Computing Tablet and EEPC Issue)


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                        I have created many things with notepad, not an ini file. Let me give you an example of how to give directions to someone in need:

                        "Step 1: Create an ini. file by opening notepad and typing the following text. Save it to this location.

                        Step 2: Deploy it to all the workstations that will require this type of boot method, by using the file deployment system in EEM."

                        etc etc...


                        Heres my problem: I add users and create machine groups for our region. We have one install set to help with auto deployment. That is the extent of my McAfee expertise. It would be nice to be able to get help with more in depth McAfee problems. I will ask our national McAfee Admin if we have support with McAfee, if we do I will take this matter up with him. I thought it would be quicker and simpler to just ask someone out here in McAfee land how to do this an easy way. I only need this for 1 tablet, maybe in the future we would have a few more. 


                        As far as your response to me, "Create the file as in the other article".

                        This other article does not tell you how to create the ini file. It tells you to add the numbers to it. Unless Im missing it. Either way can you just re explain to me how exactly step by step?

                        If I finally figure out how to make the ini file the way it is supposed to look, can you tell me how/where to copy it to within the tablet PC? I have access to the tablet in our office.


                        Is this community post for people to come and learn how to do things in McAfee or is it only for McAfee guru's to exchange info?

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                          an INI file is just a text file - you create it with notepad.exe - this is not something specific to McAfee, it's a Windows thing.


                          You don't copy it to the tablet, you need to deploy it using the file deployment system built into EEM - there's a chapter on this in the admin guide, "Using EEPC As a file deployment system", I think pages 40 onwards in the latest version.


                          the two paths to use are the ones in the old article - if you're using the latest version of EEPC you should only need the 2nd one actually.


                          What you have to do is create a text file with a particular name, put two lines of text in it, then use EEM which you have some familiarity with to deploy it out to your tablet (I suggest you put the file it its own file group and assign that just to the tablet PC). It really is very easy.


                          This community is run and managed by the community, it's infrequently monitored by McAfee staff, most contributors are customers.


                          If you need actual technical support, and your company has purchased a support contract, you can get timely responses by logging a ticket directly with McAfee. You'll need your grant number etc. Then a McAfee person will contact you and work your case. https://mysupport.mcafee.com/Eservice/Default.aspx

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