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    Protection Pending (Low) ePO 4.6.2





      I'm experiencing this issue with my server. Does someone knows why this occur?

      This happened tonight. Yesterday everything all right.

      Im not using a proxy server, already opened 8801.



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          This could be because of the Exploit-pdf!Blacole threat.


          I have had Protection Pending for the last week because of it.

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            Minimum DAT for 'Exploit-pdf!Blacole' threat has not set in database & because of that its showing pending.

            kindly do the following activity to resolve the same.



            • Back up the ePO Database. See KB52126 for details.
            • Open SQL Server Management Studio.
            • Run the following query against the ePO database:

              UPDATE EPOAvertSecurityThreats SET min_dat = 6663 WHERE threat = 'Exploit-pdf!Blacole'
            • Reload the Dashboard page and verify that the McAfee Labs Threat Advisory dashboard now displays Protected