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    FTP Filter

      Hy everyone!


      I have to use FTP connection through my MWG Here in my office I have two appliances running MWG and both are configured as Proxy HA and clustered.


      FTP connection here is not allowed for everyone. Some people got access through authorization. So I want to make this filter on MWG.


      For example, I want to authorize some ftp hosts only.  Not all the traffic through ftp protocol.


      Is there anyway to make this? Authorize only ftp hosts that I want and block all of the others?


      Sorry for my English.. There's a long time that I don't write anything in English...


      Thank you all!



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          you could use some properties to set this up. Connection.Protocol and Authentication.Username oder Authentication.Usergroups may be a good start.


          You can add a rule like this:


          Connection.Protocol equals "FTP" and Authentication.Usergroups does not contain "FTP-Users"  -> Block


          In this case all FTP connections made by users who are not part of the "FTP-Users" domain group are blocked.


          Instead of groups you can use user names or IP addresses, and combine it with the "Connection.Protocol" to avoid all traffic is blocked for them.


          I hope this gives you an idea how to start.




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            Thanks Andre!


            I'll try this!