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    HIPS 7, signature file april 4298 causing error on Windows 2000

      We're currently investigating together with McAfee a problem that popped up since last week only on windows 2000 sp4 in combination with HIPS XP does not have the problem.


      Perhaps some others have the same issue or ideas?


      after login the following message appears on screen en logs in the system evenlog (approx 10 times)


      Source: Application Popup Event ID: 26 description: Application popup: services.exe - Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point DecodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll



      If you disable IPS by policy the message is not present. This issue is since the new signature file 4298.


      Upgrade to the latest patch level 9 did not solve it. I see no traces yet in logging of hips that could point to a cause..





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