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    Firewall turns off

      For the past five days I have been getting a firewall off message. Some times it pops up minutes after turning on my computer and other times it will begin 30-60 minutes after getting on. When I hit the turn on button it goes on for a second and turns off again.

      I have an HP G60 running Windows 7 Home premium. I also have McAfee Total Protection- SecurityCenter version 11.0, Virus scan version 15.0 Dat version 6678, Firewall version 12.0. I also have the Registry Power Cleaner installed on my laptop.

      On some forum someone mentioned deleting conserv.dll (something like that) from quarantine which I tried but that didn't work.

      I updated windows and McAfee and ran scans and also ran Stinger and GetSups.

      How do I resolve this problem?

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          Peter M

          I moved this to Malware Discussions because your ODS log reveals a detection of JS/Exploit-Blacole.q which although low risk could be the culprit here, however I can't stress more strongly how dangerous it is to run ANY registry cleaners/optimizers/speeder-uppers etc. etc.   They invariably wipe out essential registry keys and cause all kinds of problems.   People argue that McAfee contains a similar product, Quickclean, but all it does is exactly what Windows own file cleanup tools do.


          I suggest in your case you download, update and run a full scan using the FREE version of THIS software and let it clean anything it finds.  (When installing do NOT accept the free trial of the Pro version - that keeps it the free version).


          Also I suggest that you post a Hijackthis log on a specialist forum for expert analysis.  See the lower part of THIS dcoument for the download link and posting guidelines.

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            Peter M

            Carolyn, I owe you an apology for not suggesting that you first try to use System Restore to return to before all this happened.   You'll find it in Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools or Start/Run and type in rstrui.exe and click OK or Enter.   It can also be initiated in Safe Mode if necessary (reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up).


            Sorry I'm not quite awake yet.


            If restore is successful you should then turn off System Restore temporarily to delete the infected restore point and make sure you update Windows and McAfee afterwards, and anything else that's time-sensitive.


            How to Turn System Protection On or Off in Windows 7


            By the way, I trust this is Windows 7 SP1?









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              Thanks, the system restore seems to be working just fine.

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                Peter M

                If it cures the situation - I mean get rid of that possible malware, then that's by far the easiest solution.   Don't forget to temporarily disable System Restore to get rid of the bad restore point.  Of course it's called System Protection in Windows 7, same thing, plus run any updates as I mentioned.


                If the firewall continues to turn off, then try running the Virtual Technician http://mvt.mcafee.com/  and if that fails to help then perhaps your best bet is Technical Support, which is now free by phone or online chat - linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                  I spoke too soon about the system restore, the fire wall started doing its thing again. I used malwarebytes and it found a little bug. I removed it and restarted and the problem was still there. I ran another quick scan and a complete scan with malwarebytes but nothing else was found.

                  I finally completely uninstalled McAfee and then we downloaded it. Not a problem in the last 20 hours.

                  Thanks for your help and suggestions.

                  I avoid the online chat. They tried to help me with an online back-up problem and it wasn't much help. That problem has been taken care of too, by the redownload.

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                    Peter M

                    So the problem is solved?  That's great.  Just a word of advice, if you are using registry cleaners, don't.  This is typical of the end result.