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    Can HF735512 be installed over HF625756?

      I tried to install HF735512 (via ePO) on a system that already has VSE 8.8 P1 and HF625756.  The install fails stating "Update Failed to version HotFix 869."  Is this expected if HF625756 is already installed, or should it install anyway?


      Versions involved:

      ePO 4.6 P2

      Agent 4.6 P1

      VSE 8.8 P1 + HF625756

      Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit

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          We have the same problem.  :-(

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            Same problem. When I have added HF735512 I´ve got same problem.


            ePO 4.6.2 (software manager problem version)

            Agent 4.6  (2292)

            VSE 8.8 P1 (849)

            Tested on:

            Windows 7 (32/64)

            Windows XP 32

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              I have the same problem with VSE880HF735512.


              ePO 4.6.2 Build 234


              VSE 8.8.0 P1 (849) with hotfix HF625756 (When I added HF735512 in ePO, the HF625756 has been replaced by him.)

              Tested on:

              Windows 7 32 bits

              Windows XP 32 bits


              I tested with a standalone installation, I had the message below:

                   Product(s) already running latest version of engine and DAT files.

              The Patch.log file:

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username    PCname    Extracting Zip file from stub file, C:\VSE880HF735512\VSE88HF735512.exe.

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Performing self validation ...

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Retrieving file, NAISCRIP.NSC from zip file.

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Loading and parsing script file : C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\3BEF\NAISCRIP.NSC

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Searching for all Installed anti-virus products.

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   TheHotfixFilesAreNewer

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Newx86IsNewer

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Mfehidin_x86Exists

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   CheckOASBroken

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Newx64IsNewer

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Mfehidin_x64Exists

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   The patch files are already up to date.

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Deleting...C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\NAIE7C1.tmp

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Deleting...C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\3BEF

                   13/04/2012    15:30        username   PCname   Product(s) already running latest version of engine and DAT files.

                   13/04/2012    15:31        username   PCname   Update process failed.

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                Nope, that does not work (intentionally) and there is no need for installing 735512 over 625756, as 735512 addresses the same issues as 625756. 735512 is a repost of the HF625756.


                If you have run into KB75019 and the HF 625756 failed to install and left a broken installation, you can try to apply 735512 on top and see if that rectifies the installation. I would do this manually on affected machines, as you may have to follow up with a manual clean/reinstall of VSE if it fails.

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                  "Nope, that does not work (intentionally)"


                  Almost acceptable if you're patching standalone PCs, but bad, bad, very bad in an ePO environment. 

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                    Well this is all about as clear as mud.


                    Some months ago I installed Patch 1 primarily to halt the System Event Log white noise caused by the mfehidk 516 errors (in which it only reduced the rate not eliminated it on x32 XP machines). I then started rolling out HIPS 8 a couple months ago, and am still slowly testing that  out. Today, I was ready to deploy the newest VSE hotfix but cannot deploy it from the evaluation branch. There is no option provided for that with a hotfix apparently. Researching this dilema I came across this thread, and now I think I'm seeing that I don't even need to bother with 735512 if I have previously deployed 625756????


                    C'mon McAfee. Hire a technical writer or three to give us CLEAR direction here. I just wasted an entire half day screwing around with this for NOTHING. It is so irritating and tedious to have to crawl through the tomes, both community and McAfee docs to decipher what and how and whether to load a frickin update.


                    Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to the community for the insight provided here. It's just not right that it has to be buried so deep.


                    ePO 4.6

                    VSE 8.8

                    HIPS 8

                    2 excedrin

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                      Fair comment Soviatt. That detail would've been helpful.

                      We'll try not to do that again when it comes to re-releasing a hotfix.


                      What we can do to help others avoid the pain you endured, is ensure the KB article that makes the hotfix available has some text spelling out it is not needed if 625756 is already installed.


                      IMPORTANT NOTE:
                      If you have already installed Hotfix 625756 then you DO NOT need to install Hotfix 735512. Each of these hotfixes update the same files to the same version, thus if you try to install one over the other then you will experience errors.


                      Your feedback is appreciated, and ultimately benefits us all.

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                        Thank you wwarren. It's good to be heard!

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                          So, What is the solution for an ePO environment? Should we ignore it till 8.8 patch 2 or 3 comes out in 6-10 weeks? Should I remove HF735512 from the ePO server?

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