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    Skipping disk because it has no space for disk information


      We have a Windows 2003 R2 32 bit server with EEPC 5.2.4 installed on it.  There are 3 partition drives (all basic):


      C (OS):  146gb


      D:  1.5 TB


      E:  1.5 TB


      Drives C and D both encrypted successfully.  Drive E doesn't encrypt and the error message as to why is:  "Skipping disk 2 because it has no space for disk information."  Now I've seen this before in one of my previous posts on the forum.  The solution was to create a partition gap.  This is where I'm stuck.  1) How do I create a partition gap?   2) Can I create a partition gap on a system that's already encrypted?  3) If Windows recovery is not availble to run a FIXMBR, will rebuilding the system fix this issue?



      Thanks for any help



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          Are these drives, or partitions? I am assuming they are three separate mechanisms?


          1. Just format the drive from sector 63, or 2048 onwards, or create a small partition at the beginning of the drive, then delete it after creating the main partition after.


          2. yes I guess - but  you have to repartition the drive before it will encrypt


          3. No. It won't change the partition layout.