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    Firefox 11 on Vista with 8.8P1 Can Only Browse by IP, Not Sitenames

      Shows up with "Server Not Found" on http://mcafee.com but if I try the IP address it works fine (links don't work of course).  Browsing mcafee.com by name in IE works fine.  Clients running VSE 8.7i / Vista / FF11 do not have this issue.


      I've tried the fix suggested here by disabling ScriptScan, as well as disabled ScriptScan on our ePO server to no avail.  I've obliterated the 'IDS_SS_NAME IDS_SS_VERSION' extention (via disable / safe mode / even deleting from the registry), still nothing.  Reinstalling does nothing either (even after deleting profiles and the Program Files (x86)/Mozilla dir).