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    Virus Scan for Solaris v4.2.4 Upgrade?



      I'm running an old Solaris 8 workstation and use Virus Scan Command Line.  Details below...


      Virus Scan for Solaris V4.24.0

      JAN 27 2003


      Scan Engine V4.2.4.0 for Solaris

      Virus data file V4244 created Jan 22 2003.


      Does anyone know if I can purchase an update to this?


      Thank you and Best Regards,



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          Current version of VirusScan Command Line Scanner is V6.0.3.

          If you have a valid McAfee Grant ID you probably have downloads access already for the current version.


          So, yes there is an updated version for you to use.

          Upgrade process = uninstall old version, then install new version.


          Note: current versions do not ship with dat files by default, as this would increase the package size quite significantly.

          Dat update is required after installation for the product to function.


          Needless to say the version you are presently running is unsupported.


          From a technical perspective your main issue with older Solaris hardware is if you don't have much memory in the machine.

          256Mb minimum free is required for the scanner to even load presently, let alone do anything.





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            Thanks Rob for your reply.


            I don't have a valid McAfee Grant ID.  Can the Command Line Scanner be purchased as a stand alone product?  I can't find it anywhere and my reseller doesn't have a clue.




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              Probably not, but then I work in support, not sales so I do reserve the right to be wrong.

              I suggest you push your reseller harder to verify how it can be acquired.