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    ODS Settings in ePO


      Hi team,


                         Its really great learning Mcafee. Im doing great with the help of you guys. I have two questions here


      Q1: I Had a interesting discussion with my friend. His querry is every Monday ODS should run at round 12 PM on Laptops and Desktops. But if the users didnt bring the Laptop or were on a vacation, when they come back and plug in the Laptop say for example Wednesday the ODS should run after an hour or so. It should not run at start-up as they will be logging into several applications. Is this Scenario possible or what is the best way to approach this kind of an issue.


      Q2: Its rather an simple one. But im unbale to find it in ePO 4.6. The fallback for Laptops. If the user is away from office and they are working, Mcafee installed on the Laptop should take the DAT files from internet


      Kindly suggest.

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          FOr answer to Q1 you need to amend the ODS task to tick the option to 'rerun missed task' with a delay of 60 mins. This will then cause the task to be run when the machine is switched on with a delay as required.


          For Q2 you need to amend your Agent policy & ensure that McAfee HTTP is enabled in the repository listing