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    MWG SSL Scanner with a criteria for just 1 user




      We're using the McAfee Web Gateway version


      I want to add a criteria to the SSL Scanner ruleset.

      The SSL Scanner must only be activated for 1 user. This is for testing some financial SSL applications.


      I've enabled the SSL Scanner with this criteria:


      Apply this rule set: If the following criteria is matched:

      Property: Authentication.UserName


      Operand: <testuser>



      Where <testuser> is the name of the user that's testing the SSL financial applications.

      The <testuser> is correctly displayed within the access.log


      For the other 2000+ users SSL Scanning must not be enabled.


      If I logon with the <testuser> SSL Scanning isn't enabled..i still see the original certificate instead of the McAfee certificate.





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