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    Scriptproxy causes IE8 crash on Win XP SP3 Search bar

      I have just done a clean build on an oldish Win XP Media box for a friend of mine

      (Win XP Media SP2 P4 2GB + McAfee Total Protection installed 2 hours ago)


      When I installed his still current McAff Total protection product after a Fatcory restore and a full Windoze Update

      IE crashed when using search bar  (Top Right in IE8)


      I'm fairly confident the cause is a McAfee add-in Scriptproxy  (v14.4.0.0)

      If I disable this script the search bar works; If I enable it IE crashes - every time


      I have a 5GB zip file containing the following -

      • SysInfo.nfo
      • iexplore.exe.hdmp
      • iexplore.exe.mdmp
      • manifest.txt
      • appcompat.txt


      Where do  upload it ??   (or Who wants it in his Inbox??)