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    Managed Node, but no Agent Installed

      Ok, so i have found an issue that i am trying to figure out.

      We have a system that is happy and being managed by EPO.  Our IT group reimages the machine and joins back to domain with same computer name and same OU.


      AD sync happens, and nothing changed on the EPO side, but the system no longer has the framework.  It thinks it is the same system.


      So i am trying to think of a way around this that it will get the Agent installed back on the system.  We are not putting it in the base build of them system.

      Trying to think of a query i can right that will look at "managed systems" but detect that it does not have an agent.

      I pulled a query of Managed Systems that have not reported in, in the last 3 days, and deploy an agent.  I checked the option of


      Any thoughts on this?

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          You're exactly right - if the ePO database thinks that the agent is still installed, it will not send the agent install again. Uncheck that option and it should work


          HTH -



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            This is true LOL.  Still tries to go out to 1000 nodes that have not reported in last 3 days.  If i leave the force and the other one unchecked, then it just tries all.  Sees if it has the agent, if it doesnt, it deploys


            That can work, i was just hoping that i could narrow it down more to find out if it has the agent or not.

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              Another question, when it says "Complete" does that mean it had the agent already, so it skipped it and labeled it as "complete" or did it install the agent and it completed successfully?

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                When you say "complete" I assume we're talking about the server task log? If so then this means that the server task completed successfully - i.e. the agent install package was sent to the client machine and started successfully.


                Just out of interest, can I ask why you're not putting the agent on the base image? It would make your life much easier


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                  That is correct, i am using the server task log and then under "subtasks"


                  I did some experitmenting and i found that if the Agent is installed and you deploy to the node, it will come back "completed" but did not actually deploy out anything.  I was kind of hoping to see how much of a saturation i was getting.  It will work though, because the systems did not report back in 3 days, and a good amount are.

                  The reason i do not have it in the base image is that it is not controlled in my department and i do not trust them to do it correctly.  It has already been screwed up a few times.

                  I wish i had time to take over everything and the world though