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    Scripting Error

      The current version of McAfee has a scripting error in ScriptHandler.ashx  at line 2629




      Any idea when this will be corrected?

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          I have no idea passed this up the line.

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            We’ll need clarification of what “the current version” is i.e. what versions of McAfee he’s running (the OS version and what debug tool he’s using that allowed him to find it would be useful as well).

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              Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3


              McAfee Security Center (Cox Security Suite) Version 11.0 Build 11.0.654 Affld 636

              Language en-us Last Update 26MAR12


              McAfee Virus Scan Version 15.0 Build 15.0.294 Last Update 10APR12 DAT version 6676  DAT creation date 10APR12


              When the script error occurs, a dialog pops up asking if I want to debug.


              If I say "no" and dismiss the dialog, the same dialog pops up one more time and must be dismissed a second time.


              If I  say "yes" the Microsoft Development Environment opens and its Debugger runs and positions at the file and line number outlined in the original post.


              Anything else you need let me know.

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                Here's the dialog...

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                  Hi lbc,

                  We would like to gather more details on this error , please check your email for scheduling a call back from us so that we might discuss more on this script error and find out more information on this .


                  Thanks for your support with this regards ,

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                    Hello LBC


                    I wonder if the bug you reported has been corrected, as I suffer exactly the same for a couple of weeks...


                    Thanks in advance


                    Laurent (France)

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                      Peter M

                      Laurent, what version of McAfee are you using and with what operating system and service pack?


                      Also check that both script debugging entries are disabled in Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options > Advanced


                      Plus if this is XP you should have IE8 installed whether or not you use it, as McAfee does use it regadless of your default browser.


                      (If Vista/Windows 7 then you should have IE9 installed for the same reason).


                      Do you have any debugging tools active?   


                      I think in this it's probably best to contact Technical Support.  For the home products that is free and available by phone or online chat, see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.




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