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    Windows Installer hangs with Agent 4.0 and Agent 4.0 Patch 2 deployment

      SERVER: ePO Server 4.0 latest patch
      CLIENTS: Windows 2003 SP1 and 2 Server, McAfee 8.0i VS with latest CMA, Engine 5300, latest DATs, IE 6.0, file server setup with no additional programs.

      When trying to deploy ePO Agent 4.0 (or Agent 4.0 with Patches 1 or 2), the MSI Service (Windows Installer) hangs and Event log fills with Timeout error messages on Windows 2003 servers.

      We have setup an ePO Server 4.0 with whichever the latest patch is... and this has been running successfully for 2 months. We have migrated the XP workstations to the new server successfully also, so I began the testing and migration process for our servers. I have installed on 5 servers and migrated, but 3 of the servers are not updating. When I review the event logs, I get the Timeout error messages from the MSI Service which correlate to the time I am attempting the push of the agent via the ePO Server. In order to continue, I have to reboot the server, but if I try to push the agent again, the messages start again.

      I have tried the following:
      Rebooting the Server
      Different patch version
      Full uninstall/reboot/reinstall of the agent

      Unfortunately, I have over 500 servers so I need a automated solution.

      Has anyone had similar issues or know of a fix for this?