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    Expired CA's

      Are expired certificates suppose to automatically drop from the Web Gateway devices or do they manually have to be removed?  I am trying to figure out if there is a config issue that is causing them not to delete (like they are not getting some update) or if they must be monitored and then manually deleted?  Any thoughts?

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          Jon Scholten

          CAs must be added/deleted manually. In other discussions this topic has been discussed in detail.


          Coming in 7.2 is "subscribed lists" or "McAfee Maintained lists" will be a new feature and apart of that will be the "default known CAs". We (McAfee) will maintain a list of CAs that will automatically be updated. These will most likley be similar to what is in your browser's trust.


          The new "default" will most likley be a reference to a subscribed list of "known CAs".


          Let me know if this helps,