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    System Tree Information from workstation



      We have a managed workstation that was just added to the network but it went into another group within the system tree. We do not have access to the ePo to look for the system. Is there anywhere on that system that will tell where it is located on the system tree? I checked the McAfee agent and in VSE on the sytem but could not find anything. I also did a search of the registry but couldn't find anything there either. The system only has VSE and McAfee agent installed. Thanks

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          I'm afraid not - there's nothing on the client machine that will tell you where in the system tree it lives.

          Forgive the question though, but if you don't have access to ePO, how do you know it's in the wrong group, and what's the significance of it being in the wrong place?  I'm just trying to understand the underlying problem


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