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    engine 5500


      When will be the engine 5500?

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          They don't tell us these things so it will happen eventually.   I believe that it's being tested.


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            Hi miguelgrado,


            5500 Anti-Virus Scanning Engine is RTW to Consumer
            From March 21st, 2012; the 5500 Engine will be deployed to Consumer Windows products in phases. The 5500 Engine is expected to automatically replace the current 5400 anti-malware Engine.

            What is new in the 5500 Engine?
            The following changes apply:

            • Performance enhancements to Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions scanning
            • File decomposition support for RedHat Package Manager (.rpm) file format
            • New platforms supported: HP-UX Itanium 11.2 and 11.3
            • End of Life platforms: Mac OSX 10.2.8, 10.3.9, Novell NetWare & Microsoft Windows NT4


            When will the 5500 Engine be Released to =World (RTW) for Enterprise?

            Until recently, RTW (Elective Download) was scheduled for March 2012. However, internal testing within McAfee helped to identify potential corporate customer field issues before we released the 5500 Engine to customers. The 5500 Engine will now be delivered to Enterprise customers in a phased rollout until these issues are resolved. Pending this, it will be removed from the corporate beta download site. An updated release date will be communicated as soon as practical.


            The definitive development and launch schedule is not currently available, this article will be updated as soon as that information becomes available:

            The RTW for the elective download

            To be announced

            The RTW for the AutoUpdate

            To be announced

            Pls ref the KB article



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              Jayadeep NR

              Hi Lakshmanan,


              Is this applicable for Home and Small Office or Enterprise?

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                Hi Jayadeep,


                Sorry i have no idea about the home and samll office products


                i haven't seen anywhere that the engine 5500 will support the home and small office may be some others will post correct answer


                Does the engine 5500 will support Home and small office produtcs ?

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                  Jayadeep NR

                  Because the latest McAfee Engine version is 5400 and as Peter told, it may be on queue



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                    Our Consumer Beta utilizes a completely different engine (1100+) which even works differently so I can't enlighten anyone there I'm afraid.   There is a private group in the forums specifically for this 5500 engine and it is attached to the Enterprise community, therefore I don't think we as consumers will be seeing it.


                    I will ask the question at our weekly Conference Call with McAfee this afternoon at 4pm EDT and will get back to you..


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                      Eventually the versions that are in use in the Beta testing programme will update to that engine, however, that doesn't mean that updates will be able to be installed manually from the McAfee Download page (SDAT etc) because it works differently.


                      That situation may change with time.

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                        By manual update I don't mean the right-click check for update - that will work.  I meant this:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2155