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    Having some serious issues with my firewall

      So I've got multiple issues with my comp.

      First off, whenever i start up my computer, I will get an error message that reads "There was a problem starting C:\users...\AppData\Local\kbdNetSched\advMainCtrl.dll

      The specified module could not be found."

      Second, two days ago my McAfee notified that my firewall was turned off. Every time I click for it to turn on, it turns on for about 5 seconds and then turns off again by itself.

      Likewise, whenever I try to turn on Windows Defender Firewall (which was also turned off by itself), I get a message saying

      "The specified service does not exist as an installed service. (Error Code: 0x80070424)"

      EDIT: Also want to add that Windows Firewall does not show up in my "Services"

      What the hell is wrong with my computer? All help will be appreciated