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                Just want to  warn as many people as possible about a very dangerous site that'll load your computer with malware and make you lose files.  It started with a search for a very old game called RoofRats. I found a link that said, "click here for free RoofRats download".  I followed all the instructions and the download seemed to go without a hitch.  But when I tried to open the game all I got was message boxes trying to sell me a lot of crap.  When I tried to uninstall this thing, all of my files disappeared!  Absolutely everything except my wallpaper and a message box from something called "Winferno Software". 


                 I clicked on that as this was the only way I could get online at all. I couldn't access my homepage or e-mail; but I could open my Favorites list.  I called Dell and set up remote assisstance.  A great guy neamed Anand got all myThis  files back and he told me that download dumped a lot of malware onto my system. It took him nearly an hour to get rid of it all.



                   Here's the main thing I want you folks and McAfee's tech people to know: earlier that same night (last night) when I clicked on some game site's listing in Google search results, the Mcafee warning message popped up and informed me that site was full of malware and other bad stuff. But nothing popped up when I clicked Winferno!  This has taught me to back up everything frequently and to never go to another game site except the one I've used for years with no problems; Freearcade.com.


          "a very dangerous site"


          So which site did you go to when you downloaded Roof Rats? Not the Winferno website, since Winferno don't deal in old games. Was it this one by any chance?

          -free RoofRats download- - Google Search.png


          If you go looking for games downloads you probably need to have WOT installed, as well as SiteAdvisor.




                 It could have been that one. What happened was so upsetting that I can't recall. What I do know is that a pop up from Winferno was the only thing I could access after all my files disappeared. It wasn't there before it happened.  Clicking it was the only way I could go on line. In light of waht happened, I'm extremely reluctant to click on the link you provided to see if it's the one.  Thanks for your help though. 


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              PS: What exactly is WOT?  Thanks.

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                Hi Angrycat,


                WOT stands for "Web Of Trust"-Free safe surfing tool




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                  Better You can go for McAfee Site Advisor

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                    Actually , that wasn't a link but a screenshot. Clicking on it just enlarges the image.


                    The site I chose has three safety indicators beside it. The first of those is the SiteAdvisor automated rating for the site, the second (a bug here I think) is the WOT rating for SiteAdvisor, the third and more important is WOT's rating of that site. If you see a discrepancy between SiteAdvisor and WOT you should always check it out. WOT flags a site as Red or Green depending on input from users - so a site which is bad but doesn't actually break the rules could be Green in SA but Red in WOT.


                    Sites offering free games downloads are often used to spread malware. If you haven't got a site checker installed I suggest you get both SA and WOT. SA is available from the McAfee site, WOT downloads (you need one per browser) from HERE. You could also tighten your browser security in a number of ways, depending on which one you're using.

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