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    Protection Pilot v8.0i patch 16 upgrade process?

      Hi there,

      I'm looking at upgrading Protection Pilot v8.0i to the very latest but not sure of grant details (having this confirmed through contacts in the business), for now I'd like assistance with the products and upgrade route. Am I right for a small/medium business, I'd still upgrade to Virusscan Ent edition v8.7i for McAfee and download the various tools to help import policies and deloy to clients (as I dont want to do upgrade over the top of existing server for various reasons)? Or is there a different version for small/medium businesses and how does the ePO relate exactly to these products, is it part of the build/install?

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          Support for Protection Pilot v1.5 ends in a few months. You should look at the McAfee Small/Medium Business site for current upgrade paths.


          ePO is meant for larger networks of 1000+ PCs and is like ProtectionPilot but can manage all of McAfee's current Enterprise software.
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            Thanks for that, just saved me from a boob as installed Ent edition from another grant number just as a test but will wait now for correct grant number for my company and run whatever they've agreed to, be it small or medium business product.
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              ePO is apparently the only option now for network admins, whether you have a small number of systems of thousands, i have less than 100, and currently in the process of setting up an ePO 4.0 server to migrate to - yes i have been a Pro Pilot admin for many years, but the old 3.6.0 interface and capability is denying us the lastest HIPS and 8.7 software. McAfee have told me direct, its my only option to control all by deployments, and having done several Webex's to see ePO4.0 in action, its a fine piece of software, and shows you how old Pro Pilot actually is.

              Swisstonihasher, i would look at deploying 8.5i with latest scan engine 5300 and patch 7 to all your systems now, if you still have Pro Pilot running (after fully testing of course on some systems). This will stand on you good stead until your new grant number comes through.
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                Thanks for the msg Mogsy, I've got 8.7i running in tandom with protection pilot...with alot of phone calls! 8.7i is good once half the default apps are removed so policy management looks possible for various computer groups, easy now but was a little odd when first started working on it.

                Only had one server (client) complain about new setup but that server has performance issues anyway to do with backup. Added more exclusions and fingers crossed all good. Lots more to role out but that will take months.