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    Mcafee Sensors Automate Install


      Is there a way to automate the install of the sensors similar to a script.  I want to establish a baseline install of all my sensors ( all identical sensors).  I want them all on the same version and have all the data required to (talk to the Manager, SNMP info, etc)  ..so all my end user at remote site will need to do  is put in the IP address \ mask\ gateway info that will be used.

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          There is no way to do this. Once the sensor is installed on the manager you will be able to push any config settings to it but the initial install/setup still requires someone and cannot be automated.




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            There may be a way to do this, but you would have to apply the baseline before you sent the sensor to your remote sites.


            To do this, you can use Tera Term. Tera Term is free of charge and can use macro's.


            I just used this process last year when I had to deploy about 100+ sensors for one of my customers.


            What you'll need:

            - NSM Server (in a lab if you prefer)

            - Tera Term software

            - Ability to figure out how to write macro's (I don't have the macro anymore or I would give it to you)

            - TFTP software (like Cisco TFTP server)

            - Ethernet cables (from server to sensor)

            - Software (this will be the contents of the jar file software you can get from McAfee)


            You'll have to figure out the macro editing part, it can be a little frustraing, but if you know someone who is good with scripting, they could probably figure it out.


            Once you have everything you need, open your TFTP server, run the macro, boot up the sensor, and watch it go through the process.


            It'll have to reboot at least once or twice. I had it connect to my lab NSM just to apply the latest signature set, but that's optional.


            This process cut down the time we had to deploy tremendously. It took me a week to figure out the macro, but after that, it only took a week to configure more than 100 sensors. Otherwise we were looking at 3 or 4 weeks to finish.


            Wish I could give you more, but at least you have a direction to go in now. Hope it helps... well, I hope it helps at least one person.





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              Why do you need a script if you can do it within NSM?


              Under device lists there configuration update and software update that can push your baseline..