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    ePO 4.5 - Evaluation policy not working



      I've inherited McAfee from a former colleague and I've no prior experience with ePO so am after a little help.


      I want to roll out the latest Patch for VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i and I want to test on a few PCs and servers prior to a mass roll-out.  The previous incumbent didn't use the Evaluation tree but I would like to make use of it.  So I have enabled the Evaluation branch and successfully checked in (only) the Patch 5. 


      I've then:


      Created a test policy under Policy Catalog under McAfee Agent, General.


      Under this policy under Updates I've set Mac Engine, Buffer Overflow, Engine, HIP Content and Linux engine to Evaluation.  The only one I've left as current is DAT.


      All I've done then is break the inheritance on a couple of Test PCs and assigned them to the test policy for the moment.  I have not created any queries or tags for the moment. 

      I can see the two PCs are assigned to the test policy.


      However when I click on the relevant PCs under System tree and run either Wakeup agents or Update now, nothing happens.   The patch is not pushed out to the PCs.


      Can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong or a step I've missed?


      Many thanks.

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          Hi Jasp,


          We need to create a task to deploy the Patch


          kindly move certain pc's to new group for testing purpose and create a client task to deployt the VSE Patch 5 (Note while deploying product dont forget to select the evaluation branch)




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            Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated.


            However, I don't have the ability to drop down from current to Evaluation in the Client task.   It will only allow me to select the full installs in the current branch, not any patches (either in current or evaluation).


            I begining to think the version of ePO we are using (4.5, build 851) won't allow me to do what I want to.


            Thanks anyway.


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              Hi Jasp,


              You will need to do a "PRODUCT UPDATE" task instead of a deployment task.  Then, on the next screen, choose the type of patch you want to install under the "Patches and service packs" section.  From there, if you have a mcafee Agent policy with evaluation selected, it shoould download the evaluation software.