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      I am testing the new VSE 8.7.0i product and I know this will sound weird, but i am struggling to understand the " Defer Scans" new feature.

      I have setup a " On Demand Scan " with the user ability to defer scan for 1 hour. The process will start off saying, scan is about to run, select YES or DEFER... i select Defer, but when u go to the VirusScan console, i am able to stop the entire scan process which is not good.

      Is there a way i can prevent the user from stopping the scan process completely and only have it deferred....for that hour?

      My 2nd question is : Increment Scans, what is the best practice for setting up Increment Scans...i run scans once a week on all my laptops, workstations? Need to know best practive for increment scans?