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    MA 4.5 P3 agent - /forceinstall and re-read policies?


      Because the MA 4.5 P3 agent "upgrade" is about 50/50 successful, we have to use the /forceinstall switch.  Which, of course, whacks the config settings until the agent can go talk to the server again.  And of course, McAfee removed the ability to use the /agentpolicy switch, so I cannot force it to read a config file that I need it to read.


      As a result, the MA sits on the taskbar with the "M" icon (and we don't want that), etc.


      Is there a way to use the /forceinstall switch and somehow force the new agent to read/pull the new config down?


      Only way I can think of is to use a batch file or something to send the cmdagent /p /c /e (well not all at once) commands.


      At least it'll be easier than getting McAfee to get the darn install to actually work/upgrade properly.