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    20 minute Windows boot after SSO enabled



      Rolling out encryption across laptops and selecet desktop systems and have come across a major issue with one system,

      PC in question is an Acer Veriton X275 desktop unit, running Windows 7 64 bit.


      Steps taken before hitting problem,

      Agent previously installed.

      Enterprise 8.8. previousely installed.


      EE GO installed, left for a week and reports success,


      Encryption software installed

      EE Agent

      EE PC


      Still good at this point, users added via epo server


      Move system to the Enable SSO section, PC updates and is ready for reboot,


      Reboot, McAfee sign on screen appears, login, 'Starting Windows' appears on screen,


      At this point I left the system for upto 5 mins at a tie before restarting / trying someting else. all with no luck


      So a clean windows install later i go through the process again, and same problem again, only this time as the PC is sat on my desk i just leave it while i do something else, after about 20 minutes it fianlly gets into windows,


      same issue with 64 bit and 32 bit windows installs.


      Installing latest version of Intel Chipset software seems to have reduced this to 10 mins, but at this point i have run into a brick wall.


      Any one have experiance of a problem like this or any suggestions to look at?