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    The age old question

      I have been all over the McAfee site to get answers on how to get a secure connection to the iTunes store and get the iPhone to sync and none of the discussions have provided a workable answer for the common person.  I also have not seen confirms come back from people starting the discussion. I am running Total Protection, firewall full access is on, iTunes has been removed/installed/removed/latest version installed.  I am on Windows xp, I connect through a wireless ap, windows firewall is off, my cat is sleeping, and I really hope someone out there has an answer for the rest of us who just expect the legos to fit even if they are custom.  I have spent two hours reading discussions and am no further than I was two weeks ago when I started this quest.  The rest of us are listening, who's going to talk and get the magic moving again?




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          Maybe try it with netguard an option in the firewall setting off.


          There is an issue with netguard and utube so possible similiar issue. I do not access itunes so cannot confirm but this worth a try,


          A fix is coming re the utube issue.

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            I have an iPad2 which works exactly the same way as the iPhone for synching purposes, and connect wirelessly to my router for updating, Internet access etc, but when synching with iTunes I plug it into my computer using the USB connector.   You are trying to synch over the network, is that correct?   I don't believe it works that way but I could be wrong.


            Make sure all Apple/iTunes/Bonjour services have full permissions in the firewall by opening SecurityCenter, clicking Web and Email Protection > Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs (Hint: if you click the word Programs at the top of that section it will re-arrange it alphabetically)


            Best open a case with Technical Support as it's a free phone call or online chat session.   Linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.   Posting on the Apple Forums might help too.














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              Are you getting any errors while the synchronization occurs. To add more clarity , you are referring to an issue with McAfee Antivirus with Iphone and not McAfee family protection on an Iphone correct ? 



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                Thanks to all who have replied.  Again I have Mcafee total protection for my windows xp laptop.  I am trying to sync via usb and my itunes program will not sync with my iphone because it can not create a secure connection to the itunes store.  I have full access for everything except the BMW down the street on my firewall.  I even shut all of total protection down and it still does not work(not uninstall, just turned off).  I do not get any errors.




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                  I will give the community one more chance for answers, then I will call support.  Thank you very much for responding.

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                    Thanks for your response.  Still does not work with everything shut down.

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                      I'm wondering if your ISP might have some clues to give you regarding the inability to establish a secure connection.    I'm not sure what the problem is and not even sure it's a McAfee one because all I ever did was install iTunes & Quicktime then plug my iPad2 in and it simply worked.


                      McAfee Technical Support may be able to offer some suggestions too.

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                        One of my Apple friends have through.  Here is the answer for all to see:


                        go to start>all programs>accessories>command prompt

                        -choose to "run as administrator"

                        -in the command prompt that comes up type in without quotes "netsh winsock reset" then hit enter

                        -after seeing a message saying it's been successfully reset, restart your computer


                        Hope this helps everyone.

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                          Interesting fix thanks to your friend...

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