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    what is wrong ? KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA

      my VSE8.5 has some errors

      2009-4-8 9:17:06 1093 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe:KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA

      2009-4-10 17:05:01 1093 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe:KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA

      the log is BufferOverflowProtectionLog.txt

      i don't know how to do ,who can help me ?thanks

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          this is not an error it is the notification of a buffer overflow attack/situation

          if you get these a lot then :

          1) Install all latest MS security patches and service packs.
          2) Reboot ( please don’t forget to reboot after you install patches)
          3) Update VSE 8.5 to latest patch (which is currently 8 (with some additional hotfixes))
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            I have not  understood the first and third point and if you can guide me how I can  make

            Thank you in advance


            1)  Install all MS security patches and latest service packs.

            3) Update to  latest VSE 8.5 patch (WHICH IS Currently 8 (Some with additional  hotfixes))


            Thank you in advance

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              Please ensure that your computers have all the Microsoft Security updates installed.


              Once the installation is complete, Please reboot the machines ( If you have not done so yet )


              What is the Patch that you are running with your VSE version ? What is the Engine version and the DAT on it ?



              Thank you