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    Installing the CMA 3.6.0 Patch 4 hotfix

      I'm running Virusscan Enterprise 8.0.0 on a computer with Windows 2000 Pro. Virusscan failed to update its virus definitions several weeks ago, and based on a recommendation on the McAfee site, I downloaded the CMA 3.6.0 Patch 4 hotfix. But there were no instructions on the download page for how to install the patch, and in the files in the zip volume, there was no readme.txt or other instructions for installation.

      Can someone advise me on how to install this hotfix so that Virusscan will resume its updates?

      Many thanks.

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          Laszlo G
          You just need to unzip de CMA package and then execute this sentence:


          framepkg /install=updater

          • 2. follow up question
            Thanks, Ulyses -

            Where do I run that command from, the DOS prompt? (I'm in Windows 2000 Pro.)

            Thanks again,
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              you can browse from run to the framepkg.exe then return it with patch to the run command box and add the switches to the end there, or do it in dos box if thats what floats your boat.

              there should be a FramePkg_UPD.exe file in the zip that run by doubleclicking should just do an in place agent upgrade though
              • 4. Still having trouble
                The executable files in the zip volume were:


                I tried running frameworkpackage.exe from the Run line with the /install=updater switch - the screen went black for a few seconds, and snapped back to the desktop. After rebooting, I still can't update the virus definition files.

                I tried finding installation instructions on the McAfee site, but couldn't find any. Am I trying to run the wrong file?

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                  From the McAfee Secure Download site (where you enter the grant #) there is a direct link to FramePkg_UPD.exe which will do everything for you.

                  Also, while this has not been tested thoroughly, many people including myself have had success with using the McAfee Agent v 4.0 patch 2 instead.