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    can not ping SG580 interface


      hi guys,

      i stuck recently on strange problem with SG580. My i-net provider has a carier network to my router  e.g. 83.231.x.x  and i have a pool of real IP addresses e.g. 64.73.x.x which are assigned to 5 machines. A week ago i was able to access or ping these machines from "outside" but now it is not possible. The unit allows me to connect only to port B e.g. 83.231.x.x . I updated the router with the latest firmware but it did not help  and then  i got back to the initial firmware 3.1.5u4 .Do you have any idea what could be the problem ?

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          it sounds like an arp issue.


          if you use a packet sniffer such as available under system -> diagnostics -> packet capture


          or from the command line ( as an example to looks for pings )


          tcpdump -e -n -i eth1ip proto 1


          does the incoming packets for 83.231.x.x have the same destination mac address as the 64.73.x.x packets ?