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    MS Lync, Exchange 2010 and AD exlusions

      Hi could anyone possibly assist with supplying me with the suggested exclusions to be implemented fior Microsft Lync, Exchange 2010 and AD.


      I know there is suggestions from Microssoft but that is a bit wide as it will pose a risk to the severs.

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          The rule of thumb is to exclude nothing, unless you have to.

          And, if you have to, utilize the flexibility of the scanning configuration to create as small a hole as possible.


          For the latter, that could mean only excluding writes, or reads of specific files or perhaps a file type (database files for example should be excluded from both read _and_ write scanning).

          Better still is to leverage the hi/low risk profiles, giving more granularity i.e. applying exclusions to specific processes only, again for Read _or_ Write when possible, both if appropriate.


          Applying these concepts to the MSFT recommendations you can create a sound scanning configuration.