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    delay opening attachments after DAT update


      first some details on versions:


      Virusscan enterprise:

      Scan engine: 5400.1158

      McAfee agent:

      dat versions: 5929.0, 6668.0


      The problem I have is with DAT 6688.0 installed, opening attachments from office (2003 or 2010) takes a very long time (30+ seconds on decent, modern hardware) with no spike in CPU usage.

      If I roll back the DAT to 5929.0, the attachments open normally (1-2 seconds)


      This occurs on a freshly built test windows XP install, with no group policy applied, no log in script changing settings, as well as all PC's in my domain.


      I'm not sure exactly which DAT version  the problem started with, but anecdotal evidence suggests the problem started around mid March.


      Can anyone suggest any corrective actions I can take to solve this problem?  Obviously running DAT 5929.0 is not the solution!!





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          Content issues, i.e. issues experienced purely based on DAT versions, is something to take up with McAfee Labs via the Support escalation process.

          The behavior may be specific to the DAT version, it may be related to the "Artemis" capability within the DATs (have you tried playing around with the Artemis setting?).

          The content is dynamic, changing daily, but with some effort one can identify which DAT version introduced the change in behavior - that allows McAfee Labs to hone in on what detection routines were modified that are likely contributing to the delay.