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    Installed application reports

      Is there anyway to run a query to get a list of all apps installed on iOS and Android devices running EMM.

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          Are you using ePO and have you installed the EMM extension?


          We've got a query set up in ePO to show installed apps -


          Create a new query>

          Feature Group : Mobility Management

          Result Types : Installed Applications

          Hit next.


          We're displaying our results in a pie chart with-

          Pie slice values are: Number of installed applications (show total ticked)

          Labels are: Application ID

          Sort by: Value (descending)

          Hit next.


          Apply any relevant columns

          Hit next.


          We've not got any filters in place.

          Hit run.


          If you're not happy with any of the settings etc, amend them and run again. When you're happy, hit save.


          We've then set up an EMM Dashboard with that and a few other queries showing and it seems to work quite well for us.





          When you log into the EMM console, you know you can click on a device and then select the Applications tab to see what is installed?