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    McAfee VirusScan (Total Protection) and Stardock Fences


      McAfee Virus Scan is not compatible to Stardock Fences any longer. If you try to start Fences McAfee is blocking it. If you disable Virus Scan there are no problems.

      What can I do to use Stardock Fences? Is this a known problem?

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          Jayadeep NR

          Hi there,


          Oh, it’s bad that you are not able to run Fence along with McAfee. But I don’t have any issue on my personal Laptop.




          I need to know following information,


          • How long you having facing this issue?
          • What is the OS with Service Pack on your computer?
          • What is the name of McAfee product installed?
          • Are you able to fix this issue by turning of Real Time Scan or Firewall or both?
          • Is McAfee detecting is as a Virus or McAfee blocking the proper working of Fence?
          • Have you tried to contact Avert team regarding this issue before? ( If not follow the below steps )



          You can send email directly to the McAfee automated systems at virus_research@avertlabs.com. If the automated system cannot determine if athreat exists, the issue is escalated to McAfee analysts.


          on 3/4/12 12:23:36 PM IST
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            Hello Jayadeep,


            the problem occurs starting Stardock Fences from Programlist or desktop. I get the hint that its registry-entries are corrupted and I should install it again, but that doesn´t help anyway.


            The error was faced some days ago. Fences is configured to start automatically. I want to configure it in the configuration settings and found something wrong. Deactivation of McAfee

            Real time scan makes everything work fine. But that can´t be a solution.


            I am using windows 7 ultimate 64bit, SP 1. McAfee Total Protection 2011.

            McAfee is just blocking the proper working fo Fences, no virus detection or alerts.


            Avert team is not contated yet.

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              Jayadeep NR

              Okay, it needs remote diagnostics. So could you please get in touch with McAfee Technical Support by going to link http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS . You can either select chat option or phone option and both are free.

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                That is exactly what I have allready done. Here is the result:

                -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

                Sehr geehrter Herr Dembski,

                Vielen Dank für Ihre Supportanfrage an den McAfee Kundendienst.

                1. Oeffnen Sie bitte Mcafee Security Center

                2. Klicken Sie auf Navigation ganz oben rechts und waehlen Sie Firewall aus.

                3.Gehen Sie auf Ports und Systemdienste und setzen Sie bitte einen Hacken vor jeden POrt.

                4.Sie koennen auch den Internet Schutz von dem Firewallmenu deaktivieren(die letzte Option)

                5.Echtzeitscann>Einstellungen fuer den Echtzeit-Scan>Einstellungen>Dann scrollen Sie bitte nach unten und entfernen Sie bitte alle zwei Hacken darunter(Active Protection...und Viren-Scan...)

                Ich hoffe, dass nach den unten von uns beschriebenen Hilfeschritten alles funktionieren wird und bitten höflichst um eine Bestätigung damit wir ihren Fall schließen oder weiterbearbeiten können.

                Mit freundlichen Grüssen

                Lazar Seferinkin

                Ihr Consumer Service & Support Representative für McAfee Inc.


                In english:

                Dear Mister Dembski

                thank you for contact McAfee Customer Service.

                Please open McAfee Security Center.

                Choos Firewall.

                Open every port.

                Disable Netguard.

                Disable Active Protection and Virus Scan.

                I hope that these hints will solve the issue.

                -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

                I don´t feel this very helpfull, although this is really the solution. But doing these steps I am totally unprotected...


                Best regards,



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                  Jayadeep NR

                  Okay, please get in to chat support and selct country as US and allow the techician to remotly access the computer. Kindly inform them that you have this issue while McAfee Real-Time scan ON and able to fix the issue by Turning OFF  Real-Time scan.

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                    Problem is solved!

                    Made an update of McAfee. Dat-Version  is 6669 from 3.4.2012. Now everyhting is working fine.