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    VirusScan Enterprise For Storage suspicious behavior


      Hi !


      I noticed suspicious behavior with VirusScan Enterprise For Storage. When I generate 100 EICAR files (listed eicar1, eicar2, eicar3 and so on) with a script on a NetApp, it sends queries to the server anti-virus scan, but VirusScan Enterprise For Storage keeps files detected as malicious until the second or third file eicar and do nothing with the others. If I generate 100 EICAR files, but this time with names randomly (sdfgfujdf, nmbvnxgf, asdxcvxc), VirusScan Enterprise For Storage detect all the files as being malicious. Is this is a known issue with McAfee? When I do the same tests on a server using VirusScan Enterprise 8.8, it detects all EICAR files in both scenarios.


      You can see in this image the NetAppScanLog