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    Auto deploy agent on discovered system



      I just can't find the correct way to auto-deploy the agent on a new discovered system (AD sync).


      For example.


      - New PC is placed on monday.

      - AD sync is on wednesday.

      - When checking EPO on friday the computer is found (by AD sync), but is still unmanaged. I can deploy the agent by hand.


      Is it possible to set-up this so that it is done automaticly?




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          i went around with the mcafee support on it.  So, i got an AD Sync set up to get all of the nodes into mcafee.  Then i created a query that looks for "Unmanaged"


          Go to Queries and Reports

          Click a "List Table"  with sort by "system name"

          Columns, i put System Name, Managed State, Last Communication

          Then for filter, its simple just "Managed State" and put Unmanaged for the value


          Next you need to do is create a Client Task.  Go to Menu > Client Task Catalog.  Create a new one.

          Task Types, Product Deployment.

          Name your Task.
          Select Target OS

          Under Products and components: select the McAfee Agent for the version you need.  Pick your branch.

          Rest of options are up to you. 


          Now you need to create a job to install the client


          Go to Server Tasks and create a new task.  Name it anything you want and leave it disabled for now.

          Under Actions, select "Run Query" and the Query being the one you just created and saved.

          Pull down the Sub Actions and select "Run Client Task now"

          Product: McAfee Agent

          Product Deplyoment

          and Agent Deployment (whatever you named your Client Task

          Now you do need to keep a reasonable "Abort After: " time.  5 minutes was not long enough for me, it got a bit of them, but i had 2700 unmanaged when i was doing this.  I found that 30 minutes is not too bad.  But i found that when i kept it at 12 hours, it just caused issues running other tasks.  I kept it at 30 minutes and run hourly now.

          Schedule it how you want


          Once you got it, just do a test run to see how it functions.  how long it takes in your enviroment.  Just got to sit and tweak it to fit you.  Once you got that, enable the task.


          That is how i did it.  Now others may have a better way and i am eager to find out.


          Oh, and i am running EPO 4.6.0 and dont laugh at my unmanaged systems count   No one really maintained mcafee (well, no one had time to)


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            Is there some reason you don't just simply check and configure the "

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              Reason i do not do that is because the IT department builds a crap load of workstations, join them to the domain, power them off until they are deployed.  The AD Sync, it will just give up if it is not online.  Thus, the reason i have 2700 unmanaged nodes now.  With this new task i got, its down to 1700 unmanaged and still going down daily.  Got too many mobile users.

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                Hi Aen,


                I'm in the same situation and about to use your method.

                Does the client task need to be enabled?



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                  Attila Polinger



                  did you consider rogue system detection and an automatic response to push out agents ?