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    Uninstalling Anti-Theft

      I was having a conflict between one of the Anti-Theft files (mcpvns.dll) & VirtualBox-4.1.10-76836-Win in win7 ult 64. I couldn't see a way to just uninstall Anti-Theft, & I wanted to avoid a complete remove/reinstall [I'm going to be upgrading from Total Protection 2011 -> 2012 soon & plan to do it then]. Long story short, in the process of removing Anti-Theft manually I came across a command line to uninstall it buried in the registry.  Your mileage may vary of course, back up 1st & be able to restore that backup, I'm not responsible for any sort of loss  & so on... The 2 command line strings, for 64 bit & 32 bit are:


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\McAfee\Installer\mcinst.exe" /uninstall "C:\Program Files\McAfee\MAT\matmain.inf"


      "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mcafee\Installer\mcinst.exe" /uninstall "C:\Program Files\McAfee\MAT\matmain.inf"


      I just copied/pasted them into Windows Run dialog box. Note that this runs silently, & needs a reboot to finish -- I waited until the hard drive light stopped flashing, & then checked Task Mgr to verify nothing was going on -- they seemed to work OK in both win7 64 & XP Pro 32. Beyond that if it helps anyone...


      Anti-theft has 2 files that are started in the registry with WIndows, McPvTray.exe that's started by being included under the HKLM run key, & McPvDrv.sys which is a driver. Some of the files in that MAT folder are referenced in the registry as well, plus the McAfee folder where you'll find MAT is protected -- you may not rename, move, or delete the MAT folder or the files in it while running win7. Search strings I found useful removing Anti-Theft manually in win7's Regedit include: McAfee Anti-Theft, McPvNs.RootFolder, McPvDrv, AF6FB31C-95D0-4A0E-8AFE-099969D8B689, E57D5731-CD9F-4DC9-A122-60488A1EDD2E, 43FDD04B-5B10-48F8-8C4F-60C610A30090, & 759E22C1-1A18-4340-8C6A-91E50FEE5740.