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    Mcafee Won't Install & Won't Activate !!! Urgent !



      I am desperately trying to install some older Mcafee suites I have lying around on a windows 7 laptop.


      I have the files from each on my pc (I cannot exactly remember for what year these are for)......


      I first tried to install one using the "install" file however a popup appeared saying something about compatibillity issues - I clicked run and nothing happened !


      Next, I tried another version using an autorun option and again a compatibillity popup occured but this time the installer worked and Total Protection was installed. However when I go to "activate" it just momentarily popus with a window and then disappears !?


      I have multiple folders like these from over the years of receiving Mcafee suites and I know that both these suites in the same format have been installed on a vista machine of mine before without issue !


      So can someone urgently please help me to fix this issue and shed some light on the problem !!??



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