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    Can't get Enterprise to update after re-install

      I had to remove Enterprise 8.0 on my home PC (have take home CD from work) because I couldn't get the McAfee to enable upon boot-up even though I had set it up to do that. So I figured I'd uninstall and then re-install.

      Well I've had nothing but problems. I install it, but can't get it to update. So far I've recieved message in the McAfeee Update window that:

      File delta.ini is corrupt. Downloading file again
      Error occurred while verifying delta.int
      Downloading dat-55888.zip.
      File dat-5588.zip is corrupt. Downloading complete file again.

      Then it just sits there for several minutes and seems to be hung up.

      What do you folks recommend?

      I also have the 8.5 version which my company has recently moved to.