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    License expired after 3 month


      In January this year I bought a 3 PC version, and installed one license on my VAIO laptop, I had to deinstall the old version and install the new 3 PC version. McAfee tells me now on this laptop, the device has expired for 68 days. If I go into my account on your home, this subscription runs out in January next year.

      On the McAfee homepage it saysthat I've taken one of three licenses, on the Vaio. On the PC, I will still install the second license before May. The third license is for the PC of my husband. Since his subscription runs until next year, I will probably not need it.

      So why my Vaio laptop is not protected? In my account I can not see on which PCs the one license is installed. I'm sure I installed it only on the Vaio laptop, since the PC is still protected until May.

      What should I do?

      Best regards