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    Mcafee TPS Frustation

      Here is my ongoing story with Mcafee SAAS Total Protection Service (formally Mcafee Total Protection Service) frustration.  


      A couple of months ago, I purchased an HP LX195 Mediasmart server which I am very happy with my decision.   I had read articles about HP Mediasmart servers and Windows Home Server.   I didn’t know much about the Windows Home Server but I wanted to dive into it.  I purchased an HP LX195 server which it came preloaded with WHS (Windows Home Server) among other software.   With WHS, in order to add software to the WHS system, you install software called an ADDIN.   This ADDIN is typically an .MSI file extension which you would copy to the Share/Software/ADDIN folder on the Mediasmart server.   Typically, I don’t add a lot of software to my Mediasmart server until I research it and I have a need to add it.   For now, I am not using my LX195 server for iTunes, streaming media, etc… I am basically using it to perform backups of all my active computers in the house.  


      I have read all kinds of crap about you should have Antivirus installed on your Mediasmart server and no you don’t need it.  Endless talks about YES and NO, back and forth. I decided to install Mcafee TPS to play around with the software.   I was never a big fan of any Mcafee products, whether it was Antivirus or Spyware or Internet Security.  I just didn’t feel the Mcafee love.   However, I thought well let me install Mcafee TPS and give it a shot.  After all, it came bundled with WHS, so why not.  I am trying to watch my pennies!


      I accessed my LX195 server by RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and launched my Console to install Mcafee TPS v4.9.2.  I am installing the “Trial” version of Mcafee TPS.   After you install it, you have to restart the Console.  Ok so far so good. After the Console restarted, I clicked on the Mcafee TPS icon and below Launch Security Center, you will see Update Now.  I click on Update Now and the Update Agent box appears before me.   The Agent appears to try to establish a connection to somewhere but who knows which site or where.   As the Agent is trying to connect, you will get a status bar indicating progress.  However, you are prompted with this wonderful error message:


      “Installation Error 0x80004005”


      Update Agent will now close: 10, 9, 8,7,6…..


      What the HELL does the error message mean?  What the HELL is “signcert”?  What the HELL do I do next?  A lot of questions, zero answers!


      I could sit here doing this same Update Now thingy all day long and still get the above message.   My LX195 is fully updated with Windows updates.  I have installed Internet Explorer 8 with updates.  I even tried to downgrade Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 7 just to see if that makes a difference. NOPE!  I read an article on installing Mcafee MER Client tool to check for ALL Mcafee products to see which needs updating.  This didn’t solve the problem either.   I have a Mcafee tech person calling me tonight (3/30/12) to remote into my Server to find the problem.   The story will continue…..


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          Hi Pfisher,


          We actually had a call back arranged for your issue at the preferred time that you had given us.


          The time that was given to us was 7.30 PM EST, March 30, 2012.


          I also see that the call back was done and the issue was resolved to your satisfaction by our Technical support agents.


          Please update this thread with the issue resolution details.


          I am not able to update this thread with the case details as we were not able to create a Service Request from our side as yours is a Trial License.


          Also we suggest you please read the below article from McAfee Support Knowledge base.






          Pritish P.

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            UPDATE:  So, a Mcafee tech person calls on Friday evening and takes control of my WHS console.  He downloads TopAddin 4.9.msi but doesn't install it.  He uninstalls the Mcafee TPS and reinstalls this Addin.   After he activates the software, low and behold, Mcafee TPS works.  It takes about 10 or 15 minutes for MTPS to fully update.  Once the update has been completed, you will need to RESTART your Mediasmart server.  Thanks to the Mcafee tech person, I like at least this Mcafee product.


            Anyone who reads this post, you need TOPADDIN 4.9.MSI in order for your Mcafee Total Protection Service to work. and fully update.  Again, download TOPADDIN4.9 and place it in your /Share/Software/ADDIN folder BUT don't install the 4.9 ADDIN.


            I hope my experience helps anyone who shares the same frustation as I did.   The End! 


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              Hi Pfisher,


              It is good to know that the issue you were facing is now fully resolved.


              Please feel free to contact us for any issues you have with McAfee software.



              Pritish P.

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                Hi, I would like to share the experience I had with McAfee’sTotal Protection Service (TPS) and Windows Home Server.


                It was bundled with my Windows Home Server. I thought I would try it. 


                I was able to install it; however, I could not check for updates.  I updated the main computer,then tried again to up date the McAfee TPS. It gave me an error. The same error the user pfisher[1] [2] had.I thought this will be an easy fix. That was not the case.


                I often work early in the mornings; I initiated a chat with technical service between 3 to 5 am. The technical support personnel were nice.However, they pointed out I was an Enterprise customer and I would have to call McAfee Corporate Customer Support during 8 am- 8 pm CST. This was going to be a major inconvenience for me. I asked her if I could down grade so I too could have 24/7 technical support. This was not possible.


                I wake up early to contact McAfee Corporate Customer Support.They kept asking for a grant number, which the trail version I was to be testing and evaluating for 6 months does not provide. After a significantamount of pretence by McAfee Corporate Customer Support, it came to "I am supposed to evaluate and test the McAfee TPS with no technical support for 6months because the trial version does not receive a “grant number.” "


                I do not recommend McAfee. I perhaps could have cowed my way to a “grant number” However, I do not want to work with a security company that partakes in deceptive practices.


                I highly recommend that the employees of McAfee find opportunitiesto show disproval of the deceptive practices of the McAfee Corporate Culture.



                Julia Clark.



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                [2] Pfisher; https://community.mcafee.com/people/pfisher; Accessed 4/9/2012

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                  Sorry to hear about your frustrations. I will make sure your feedback gets back to our product teams. There is no need to post the same message so many times in different discussion areas. Because of this your account was flagged as suspicious.

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                    Thanks for the reply April. I wanted to make sure all the comunities knew my experience. 

                    Moreover, at this time, I would not recomend McAfee, as stated in a deleated post.


                    I think in the past few years the security comunities have learned that deceptive pratices are not tolarated by security professionals and that such sorts of companies should be shunned by the general population.  It puts everyone assocaited with the questionable company at risk.