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    Web Gateway on VMWARE WCCP not working


      We currently run WCCP in our production environment.  We have nine web gateway appliances dispersed geographically and depending on the locations, the WCCP is rerouted from the firewall or the router.

      We recently downloaded the virtual version of the Web Gateway and installed on a VMWare platform.  This version works well and we updated it to the latest version of 7.1.6 which is what we are running in production.  We also tested it successfully by statically configuring the browser (IE) to point to the proxy server and the virtualized proxy receives the traffic and filters it like it should.

      The problem we run into is that we are unable to get WCCP working on it.  We configured it both on the router and the ASA (at separate times) and we cannot get it to work.  However, we did take a physical appliance in there (5500) and it worked just fine.

      When we configure the WCCP on the firewall the Web Gateway is on a different subnet.  However when we configure the WCCP on the router the Web Gateway is on the same subnet.


      Are there any known issues with getting WCCP working on the virtual version of the Web Gateway?


      Thanks for any inputs!