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      buenas tardes

      por que no puedo conectarme a Skype desde que instale el firewall enterprise, ya le di acceso a los puerto 80 y443

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          Qué?  No español.




          Can you write your question en ingles?

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            Peter M

            good afternoon

            because I can not connect to Skype to install the enterprise firewall, and gave him access to port 80 y443

            Please help


            Per Google Translate

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              Regarding Google Translator sucks, I'll try to do my best to translate my latin colleague:


              "Since I installed Mcafee Enterprise Firewall I cannot connect to Skype. I've already opened 80 and 443 TCP Ports. Please help"

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                Ah yes ok, 'Since I installed the firewall...' makes more sense.


                I thought "I could not connect to Skype to install the firewall" was a bit off.  I had GTranslated his question but it did not make sense to me.


                If you make a new application on TCP ports 80 and 443 Skype will work.  It will not work through the HTTP application, as it does not pass port 443 traffic (the SSL/TLS application passes port 443, but that will not pass Skype either I don't believe, since it's not true HTTPS).

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