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    bad service and bad support to mcafee

      Not sure where to write the complaint. Please move it if its true and I apologize.

      Does anyone know where do I register a complaint about poor service with McAfee, I am I waiting almost 6 days on a simple fault. I have 300 and I pay the full price for licenses on service and are not able to give me.

      please i need help urgent

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          Leverage your sales channel.  They seem to be most interested in escalating and helping in my experience.    Their bread doesnt' get buttered if you grown angry and don't renew.


          I've also found that tickets opened on the web seem to languish.  It's important to call.

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            Hi davidelka,


            Could you pls narrate your problem so that the community memebers and moderartors will help you

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              Dear  Lakshmanan S ,


              Mcafee support  is the worst I've known.  I open an issue takes them 3 days just to tell me that they have accepted the call, but not open problem .

              and soetime he cannot open the problem so is close the case .

              I'm on the phone with them, don't understand what I'm talking about with them, just do not understand the product.

              My problem is simple:

              HIPS missing from Managed Features list in McAfee Agent

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                Hi davidelka,


                Pls tell us which version of the HIPS is running on your Network ?


                Could you pls try to redeploy the Hips client on the windows 7 64 bit  machines once again also try to check with the status agent monitor weather the policies age getting apllied for the client machine (status agent monitor pls enter the command on cmd console C:\program files\McAfee\Common framework\cmdagent.exe /s


                Pls refer the installation guide for deployment .....

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                  Hi davidelka,


                  Please try to configure ePO HIPs policy to enable Client tray icon to be displayed in client machine:

                  Log on to ePO console > Policy Catalog > HIPS > My Default > Client UI > Please enable "show tray icon" > save


                  Hope this helps you!





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                    Hi, I totally agree with the complain.


                    I'm getting very bad support on Secure Computing product since it has been bouight by McAfee.


                    Right now, we have a problem with the new Antispam (MEG7).

                    We try to recieve en email from a known sender, that is being blocked by the Global Thread Intelligence (GTI).

                    Since 2 weeks I writting every days to the support and we still cannot get email from this sender !!!


                    Soon I will open the windows and see if appliance can fly ... maybe better than the support can help ...


                    I'm very sad to see good technology being served so badly

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                      Hello Astrodave,


                      I'm sorry to hear you have had issues with getting support. My team will be more than happy to assist you. In your previous contacts with Support were any Service Requests opened? If so, could I have those numbers please? We will contact you and work to resolve the issue.


                      Jimmy Songer

                      Manager, Tier III Support