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    subscription issues: renewal date reverts and other things.

      I have 3 laptops covered by 1 subscription to McAfee.  I renewed my subscription several days ago and updated all three.  After a day or two one reverted back to the old renewal date, but I was able to down load to update that, for the second time.  This evening another of the labtops is showing the old renewal date while the McAfee account is showing 3 of 3 accounts are used.  Help please.  Also since I have renewed none of the computers can print to the printer.  Also, one of the computers, in the network section, is showing up twice.  Once with an updated version and again the second time with an older version. 


      Also, I have tried to connect via live chat or phone but I keep getting an error message. 


      So far I am not pleased with the easy of getting in touch with McAfee.