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    Getting an error while trying to instal ePo v4.6.0

      My company just bought McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business licenses.


      We were looking and doing some research about Antivirus software to adopt as our own at the company, and we got to McAfee because of the good comments about it.


      I've downloaded VirusScam but I'm not sure if it is the appropriate software, so I think we're having trouble to find the correct antivirus software


      VirusScam has not the interface that we were looking for, an easy and friendly interface for ours employees run antivirus scans by themselves so we called on McAfee's support phone and they suggest us to download ePo, because it will be able to manage the antivirus with an easier interface.


      But as I try to install ePo I get the message "The Operating system or service pack you are using is not currently supported".


      We're running Windows 7 Professional and we have plenty of space on the machine we're trying to install since it wasn't still used.


      I googled a little bit about my issue on the internet and it turns out that I got to a lot of "Windows Server" or something, is it necessary to have this on our machines? We don't use a server I believe.


      Thanks a lot and I appriciate all the support I can get.