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    Guest access


      I'm using an SG560, Ver. 4.0.7


      I have 2 internet connections, wired and wireless on A4 and B.

      A lan with a wap on it on A1

      A guest access point on A3.


      I'm having problems with the guest access. The access point on the lan works great.


      I had a Linksys WRT54 set as an access point on Port A3, VLAN4, Guest, Static,


      This is a separate subnet from the lan,


      Connections on the guest wap would drop periodically, so I thought I'd try a newer Netgear WN802tv2 AP.


      It is not set up as a DHCP server. I've assigned it an address of


      This is how the Linksys was setup.


      I can access it with a laptop.


      iPhones say they're connected, but there's no internet acess for the phones.


      Any ideas? Do I need to use the Guest Firewall? I'm not sure what was causing the problems with Linksys now. It might have been my configuration.


      I was worried about security on the "Guest" network. I didn't want to give access to the lan at all.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.





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