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      Venho aqui postar uma detecção que a McAfee deixou passar, para o bem da comunidade.

      O software que e detectou foi a MalwareBytes, o que me deixa um pouco preocupado!....porque a McAfee deixou passar estes trojans?


      LOG: http://striker-rc4.blogspot.pt/2012/03/trojanrepacksms.html

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          Peter M

          Not all malware will be caught by antivirus engines simply because of the way they work, the fake-antimalware ones for example.    There are other tools on the web for such things.


          However you can submit samples to McAfee Laboratories for analysis:  http://www.mcafee.com/us/mcafee-labs/resources/how-to-submit-sample.aspx


          Also see:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


          Translation by Google Translate to follow:


          Não malwares todos serão pegos por antivírus simplesmente por causa da forma como eles trabalham, os falso-antimalware, por exemplo. Existem outras ferramentas na web para essas coisas.

          No entanto, você pode enviar amostras a laboratórios para análise da McAfee: http://www.mcafee.com/us/mcafee-labs/resources/how-to-submit-sample.aspx


          Veja também: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168

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            I know there are many virus removal tools on the web, this is the reason why I have 2, McAfee and MalwareBytes which this is not false, was paid as well as McAfee.
            The reason I was posting here so I've used this software on trial mode at which time the software did what it promised.
            But now for example, the firewall does not respond to the instructions given to it, as I givethe order to wait for my decision and it opens without give my orders and others provided bugs. In relation to my question that is open, three were 3 infections that McAfee has not commented. ""There are Other tools on the web for such things."" if I understandyou're sending me to buy another security system '.
            Maybe is better... wait and i gona see... .
            Ths for your time.
            A McAfee user...






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              Peter M

              The paid edition of Malwarebytes could clash with VirusScan as it contains active protection, we only recommend the free one.


              Any firewall problem perhaps would be best dealt with by Technical Support which is a free phone call or online chat session away, just click the link under McAfee Support > Home and Home Office at the top of this page.


              I already posted the link to submit samples to the labs for inclusion in their data base so not sure what else you expect.  I was not suggesting you buy anything at all.


              We aren't staff, only unpaid volunteers trying to steer you in the right direction, that's all.

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                There is no information on "Trojan.RepackSMS" anywhere, not even on the Malwarebytes forums.


                Unless more detections are made by other AV companies it remains a possibility that this is another Malwarebytes false-positive detection.


                The poster's blog shows that Malwarebytes detected this in System Restore but not elsewhere on his system.


                There seems to be a connection with the "scour.com" redirection problem, which is sometimes associated with a rootkit infection (see http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=107443)

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                  Topic moved out of Top Threats to a more appropriate place in Home User Assistance. We want to keep Top Threats for current malware with a high incidence of infection.

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                    Conclusion I read several posts and I came to conclusion that after several updates McAfee AV Plus has stopped working properly with Windows XP.

                    So it is best to choose the appropriate system with McAfee AV Plus it will be WindowsXP Windows 7/Vista because there are too many bugs to the proper functioning of the computer, if there are no updates for XP the best that the User has to do is uninstall McAfee AV Plus, there will be many loyal users to Windows XP.

                    Think about it ...

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                      Peter M

                      It's your choice but good luck finding anything that is 'perfect'.

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                        I bought 2 months ago 4 McAfee's AV Plus on Worten for 29.99 euros (best ofer) works well in other systems but on this PC (W XP SP3) I have built, dont work well. I love this computer has already got many hours of work but if this software does not run well with the system. What can i do? ... I will offer to a friend of mine and tell you what is probably the best AV in the world ... and I will continue with other McAfee installed on Laptop's ...

                        ... but the strange thing is that has worked very well, before exiting Windows 7 things havechanged a lot over the WXP system, many of firewalls stopped to work with the stablesystem, such as ZONEALARM, among other sofwares, i think the developers no longer think or work on XP SP3 system which is an excellent system...for me.


                        From Portugal have a nice day!

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                          Peter M

                          OK - good luck ;-)