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    Introducing ePo to an existing VSE environment


      Hi, my company is shortly going to introducing ePo to manage the AV side of our network. We have been using VSE 8.8 for some time now. When we install ePo, does the software pick up the existing installations automatically, or will we need to uninstall VSE and re-deploy using ePo? If so, does ePo provide a way of automating the uninstall/reinstall process? We have around 600 workstations that will need to be linked in with the ePo server. Thanks in advance for any help.

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          You won't need to reinstall VirusScan, you will need to change the McAfee Agent to a 'managed' state.

          (The agent exists with VirusScan already in an unmanaged state, as this is how dat updates are applied.)


          There's quite a few ways of achieving this, mostly covered in the ePO product guide which is good starting point for getting a grip on the intricacies of ePO.

          McAfee also posts the same guides and video tutorials on the service portal site (https://mysupport.mcafee.com/Eservice/Default.aspx).

          I think you can find these video tutorials on youtube too if needed. They are a very good kickstart.


          Finally, if you use ePO 4.6 there is a built-in guided section after installation finishes that does exactly the same and walks you through the first steps of machine management.


          If you find you do need to uninstall/reinstall VSE, yes ePO can do that too. Should not be necessary though.





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            Thats great, we were hoping that would be the case. Thanks for the information.